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Usain Bolt's world record breaking spikes from Beijing

Usain Bolt's world record breaking spikes from Beijing

Jamaican Usain Bolt took just 9.69 seconds to flash down the track at the Olympic 100m final in Beijing.

His speed in the race was simply stunning and afterwards he was keen to show the world his specially made sprint spikes as he held them up for the cameras.

In fact the Puma spike on Bolts feet was a shoe that is available at retail - the Complete Theseus II. Bolt's shoes came with a personalised gold upper but it is basically the same shoe as anyone can buy from a specialist running store. Unlike some of the shoes the Nike and adidas sponsored athletes are wearing this shoes are already on sale.

We had a pair tested by our of our team - he is only a 10.3sec 100m runner rather than a 9.69sec 100m man but was able to put the shoe through it's paces.

As you would expect upper fits well and feels good. There is secure feel to lock your foot down on to the spike plate without it feeling overly restrictive. The forefoot fit is quite snug and that helps with that secure fell but if your feet are wide at the forefoot it is worth trying a pair on before you commit to buying. The spike plate extends back beyond the midfoot and helps you to be able to get up on to your toes. However there is still enough ‘give’ to allow you to get a feel for the track and the plate is not as rigid as some of the other 'power' sprint spikes on the market which have a more rigid plate which puts you even more on the forefoot.

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Puma Complete Theseus

Puma Complete Theseus

Pictured - The Puma Complete Theseus II

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