A shoe packed with everything ASICS has to offer in terms of technology. An eternal favourite with the hardcore runner for more than two decades, Asics has worked on this shoe to create something for everyone, although at a cost. It’s a neutral shoe but can cope with pronation, long miles, cross country, pace and the Big Day. Look to the Nike LunarGlide 8 as an option.

First Impressions

Clearly a flagship shoe; they look the part and the slimmer, almost racing last the shoes are built on, makes them tempting. Good solid feel when you pick them up.


ASICS uses FluidRide technology for bounce back cushioning and then adds a new product, Flytefoam which provides additional cushioning but doesn’t add to the shoe’s weight. Throw in the classic rear and forefoot Gel and you have a shoe designed to minimize injury risk. Certainly our testing team loved the feel of this shoe and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending it for anyone with some serious mileage planned over the coming months.

The technology doesn’t end there either. There’s a Guidance Line to help with gait efficiency which in turn means you’ll run a little quicker and there’s the DualMax support which is designed to engage support only when you need it, leaving you to run in a more efficient way. So much technology in such a small space – amazing!

It all works from an 11.9 heel to toe drop which is generally a more user-friendly measurement so a great shoe to get on with work straight out of the box. 


FluidFit uses multi direction stretch mesh to create a customized fit; and do you know what? It does. This isn’t a sock though; this is a more solid package that sets your foot in place but allows it to compensate when required. We like it. 

The Seamless upper is very comfortable, reduces moisture and generally allows you to go about the everyday business of building fitness, strength and speed without the worry of anything rubbing and causing blisters.


The fit is also a little narrower, so be wary of that, but the fit, cushioning and stability thanks to the Flytefoam technology is superb. Interestingly, for a road shoe these are almost magnificent on wet trails so perfect for everyday use. This is the kind of shoe that plays a key part in your weekly regime and such is the way it’s put together, it will do so for a fair old time. We’ve run the Kayano 22 to destruction in the past and it’s taken a year to do so. Perfect.


Anyone ever run in a better Kayano? Was 22 better? How about 12?  Or even No1? Let us know. 

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Gender: Womens
Year: 2017
Season: Spring/Summer
Current model:
RRP: £145.00
Release date: 2017


Shoe Type

Motion Control


Light Trail