A heavyweight player in the water repellent market - a shoe that’s built for long days in the mountains.


First impressions


These are shoes that will surprise you; bulky and heavy feeling on that first in-shop fitting, you’ll probably think they won’t cope with anything too serious. But take them out on the trail and they’re mildly surprising, well cushioned and pretty responsive. 




Sure, they’re not racing snakes but actually the fit and general cushioned feel makes them feel pretty lively and capable of a good clip thanks to the lightweight, forgiving midsole made from injection molded MeMlexnand nylon molded flex transfer shank. They are a wider feeling shoe sitting high on a 12mm drop so take note of that. Some of you out there won’t like the bulk




There’s AirMesh, an abrasion resistant microfiber, HF lacing harness  and a TPU transkinetic heel stabilizer, all of which creates a mightily stable platform. For a neutral shoe, this offers a lot of support and means they wouldn’t be too bad on the road. Of course, the Gore-Tex lining means they can cope with mud and rainy days.



While the grip, perhaps a bit slippy for road, comes via the Frixion XF outsole. We liked them on forest paths, indeed they quickly became the shoe of choice for easy afternoon runs where pace wasn’t an issue, thanks in part to that flexibility and also the support offered.



Price - £140

Weight - 14.4oz/410g

Heel Drop- 12mm


Overall conclusion

All about long days in the - preferably wet and muddy  - hills

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Shoe details

Gender: Mens
Year: 2017
Season: Autumn
Current model:
RRP: £140.00
Release date: 2017


Off Road Use

Short Trail
Long Trail

Shoe Type



Light Trail
Severe Trail