The Pegasus 33 perfectly highlights how shoe technology has evolved in the past 30 years. With these shoes, you get the Nike’s Zoom Cushioning, Flywire fit and even the good old waffle outsole, albeit in a modified manner to help on the grip front. The 33 comes in at a good price, less expensive than say the Asics Kayano, or the Saucony Triumph, two similar shoes.

First Impressions

Marathon running is all about consistency, the No.1 strength of this shoe. Put them on – as runners have done so for the past 30-odd years – and you’ll enjoy the expected cushioning and response this model provided when it was first launched. Critics might point to the too-soft ride but that has long gone; this shoe has moved with the times in terms of research and technology 

Sole Unit

You can what you pay for with this shoe: zoom air units (added to the forefoot in addition to the one in the heel) – nice and soft underfoot; waffle pistons for a bit of grip and Nike’s Flywire technology to hold your foot in place.  

What does all that mean?  You have a soft, pretty light (although it is a tad heavier than the 32) neutral shoe. For you older runners out there who endured the extreme cushioning of the teenaged Pegasus, worry not. This is a responsive cushioning rather than an all encompassing one, so you’ll be treated to some reaction as you push off. Tick that box!

We love the fit, not least because the 10mm heel to toe drop is pretty standard and easy to get on with. Lower numbers take a while to adjust to even for the most gazelle-like athlete out there, but get to double digits and you have a straight out of the box experience you’ll love.

Nike tell us there are flex grooves to allow your feet to enjoy a natural motion and we have to say that’s pretty much the case. Think up on your toes, pushing off at pace and you’ll have the right mental imagery for the performance this shoe provides. 

Very durable in the midsole department thanks to the Cushlon ST so perfect for long bouts of training – like getting ready for a marathon, half marathon, that kind of thing.


Flywire makes for a great, lightweight fit that is very breathable and will enjoy warmer days. Some on our testing team got a little bit carried away and described the fit as ‘magic’ – we say it’s super comfortable thanks to the great technology used; there’s no magic about it, it’s science, you get the idea!

Reflective at the back to make sure cars can see you, always handy and a great addition worth looking out for in any shoe.

Custom versions are available from Nike ID so while the looks are superb, you can make them even more amazing with your own look – always popular.

Overall Conclusion

This is a shoe that’s moved with the times; it’s light, flexible and road-friendly. You can get on with it pretty much straight out of the box thanks to that friendly 10mm heel to toe drop yet the underfoot cushioning is set up to encourage some faster running. OK, some won’t like the slightly narrower fit and possibly it’s a tad too soft for those of who who enjoy the harder feeling shoes out there but for everyday action and even the odd weekend outing, it’s a shoe that’s difficult to fault. Enjoy them for training, benefit from the response provided in the odd race.

Let us know how it was for you? We’d be particularly interested to hear from hard-core Pegasus fans who ran in the early versions all those years go.

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Gender: Mens
Year: 2017
Season: Spring/Summer
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RRP: £100.00
Release date: 2017


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