The Kinvara is a superb lightweight neutral training shoe. We found it well cushioned and durable with a fast flexible feel to it. It follows other great Kinvara models so if you are in the market for a neutral and responsive everyday trainer, this shoe could be the one for you.


Great quality with a ton of overlays, this upper certainly looks and feels classy. I think we’re sitting on the fence regarding the colour; it’s almost pointless mentioning it but people will consider it when purchasing so you’ll either be a fan or you won’t be. In any case, they certainly have the wow factor. I certainly feel that Saucony have certainly made the greatest strides in recent years in terms of how shoes look on the shelf and it’s to be commended.

Saucony have incorporated their lightweight FLEXFILM material designed to eliminate seams and improve fit. The shoe certainly feels snug on the foot in a good way.

The toe box is average in width and height so those with wide feet might need to try on before you take the plunge.


This is where Saucony have spent most of their time on the Kinvara. The shoe features their Everrun technology, a material designed to be highly cushioned but resilient. Saucony claim that this material has an 83% energy return rate meaning that it’ll feel like it’s springing you on through your stride. The upside of this is of course that it’ll help you when you need it most: when you tire.

It sounds fantastic and without our own lab (we don’t have one!) we can’t tell if this is true but we can tell you that the cushioning is fantastic. The midsole begins with a layer of Everrun right under your foot like an insole of the stuff bringing the cushioning closer to the foot. There is an additional 4mm offset Everrun pad in midsole at the heel landing area. It did provide a smooth landing.

Transition to toe-off was also great. The shoe was responsive, lively but you always felt very well protected by that Everrun layer under the foot.

Without wanting to sound like we have shares in this Everrun stuff (wish we did), Saucony claim that it doesn’t break down, therefore we presume, extending the life of the shoe. Runners should note though that Everrun is a dense material so this is no super-soft pillow of a shoe. The cushioning is reasonably firm which I’m a fan of so I loved it but be aware of it 


The usual suspects – blown rubber and a tougher durable material for the key landing and high wear areas. Saucony’s TRI-FLEX outsole configuration is aimed at better ground contact and a smoother ride. We won’t argue with that. They felt good under foot. The Kinvara 7 are designed for road and tracks and the outsole will look after you on both in comfort.


We like this shoe! There’s a lot of cushioning in a lightweight shoe package and this gives the wearer a great deal of options. The Kinvara 7 works as a comfortable everyday trainer but its responsive so if you want to wear it for faster training sessions or for most of us, longer races, it’ll work brilliantly for you. Highly recommended.

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Gender: Mens
Year: 2016
Season: Spring/Summer
Current model:
RRP: £110.00
Release date: 2016


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Light Trail